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Disappointed by ACF

  • Hello,

    am I the only one beeing heavily disappointed by the latest problems with ACF Gutenberg blocks caused by the WP 5.9 switch to iframe the editor?
    The change to an iframe approach has been communicated for month in the WP developer
    board – I’ve been looking forward to this release because the mobile preview has heavily profited from the switch but I wasnt aware of the ACF tradeoffs.

    I’m shocked that the ACF team didn’t prepare a solution for the problems which came up with the iframe and there is even no solution on the horizont.


  • A lot of the problems associated with guberbug have to do with the fact the WP is not including or supplying any way to integrate. These issues have been documented on both the ACF github issues and the guberbug github issues.

    Some of them are listed here

    The developers are doing the best that they can with little cooperation from the other end.

    It’s all well and good to dis ACF, but it’s not all their fault.

    Edit: Please note that I am not an ACF dev and my opinions may not reflect the opinions of the ACF devs.

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