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Disappear in the left sidebar after 3.7.1 update

  • Hi,
    After updating to WP 3.7.1 the polugin disappeared from my left admin sidebar menu.
    I can access the settings only when I enter domain/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=acf

    Anyone has an idea how to solve it?

  • I’m having exactly the same issue. Essentially everything is there except the menu options in the left sidebar of the admin. Has occurred on two separate sites – one that has been updated to 3.7.1 and one that hasn’t.

  • same here, happened just prior to 3.7.1 update from 3.6.1, after the update the menu is still not showing up…

  • I had this same problem and it ended up being a conflict with WP-Optimize plugin. Turning the plugin off brought the ACF menu back.

  • Hi guys.

    If this issue is the same as the WP Optimize one, then yes, the issue is caused by another plugin using the add_menu_page function.

    I’m a bit confused why the WP update is causing the issue… I’ll do some research, but please do post back if you find any solutions


  • That’s worked for me too. Just deactivated the WP-Optimize plugin and the menu option for ACF has returned. Shouldn’t be a huge issue as WP Optimize is not the sort of plugin you need every day. Thanks barbaramae…

  • Hi guys

    I just installed WP-Optimize, but the menu item is looking fine.

    Can you please update both plugins and try again?


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