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disabled attribute, but once save it's gone

  • I came across some issues that every time I make repeater field inside repeater field (nested) in which I put a few text input field, those text inputs somehow have “disabled” attribute when I try to post for first time.

    But I save(or publish) my post once, these problem are gone.
    Did anybody came across same problem I did?

  • I go more specific about my setting.

    In my field group, there are 3 sets of field.
    First set is select box to switch displaying following sets of field.
    So if I chose A for example in the first set, 2nd set of field will be displayed, and if I chose B, 3rd set of field will appear.

    In 2nd set, there are one level nested repeater field.
    Then I try to add parent level repeater field that’s OK, but when I try to add child level repeater field, all the text input fields have “disabled” attribute in HTML so that I cannot type anything.

    Any help or help with some link will be appreciate.

  • I’m having the same issue – fields within repeater fields have the attribute disabled=”disabled”.

    WP 4.1.1 and ACF PRO 5.2.2

  • Hi @nori2tae and @lolitaloco

    This is quite odd as I am not able to replicate this problem on my end.

    Kindly ensure that you are running on the latest version of the plugin.

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