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Disable 'are you sure' on repeater delete

  • ACF is easily the most useful WordPress plugin ever made. Just one small annoyance has appeared. Now repeater fields ask ‘are you sure?’ every time you try to delete an item. As nothing gets saved until you click Update, and with revisions available in case of mistakes, this ‘feature’ looks like an unnecessary and clunky addition to an otherwise excellent UI. Can this annoying new feature be disabled?

  • If you search the forum, this was an often asked for addition. I’ve found that double clicking the delete row icon causes it to be immediately deleted. You don’t need to actually click on “remove”. I dug around in ACF and cannot find a way to remove this feature and I’d suggest submitting a new support ticket here

  • I know, I’m late to this post. Still, here’s a quick and easy solution:

    $('.acf-form').on('click', '[data-event="remove-row"]', function(e) {

    …mimics the double click 🙂

  • This worked great. Thanks @rasso!

  • This works for me:

    $( 'body' ).on( 'click', '.acf-fc-layout-controls .acf-icon.-minus', function( e ) {
    	$( this ).click();
    } );
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