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Disable AJAX / Lazy Load for Taxonomy dropdowns / select2?

  • Hello,
    I’m using several ACF Taxonomy select fields in an ACF group.
    They work quite well except that they load options very slowly.

    I played around with some extensions which have similar fields but slightly different options. In the end I noticed that, if I disable AJAX / Lazy loading in specific fields of those plugins, their options are loaded much faster, and now I’m wondering if I can do something similar with ACF.

    I’d like to keep ACF default Taxonomy field because it gives me the chance to add a new value for that specific tax on fly, but I’d love to know if/how can I turn off AJAX Lazy loading for all my select2 fields.
    Thank you!

  • There isn’t any way to disable this that I know of. If the field is slow then there are some likely reasons; slow connection, slow server, large number of terms in the taxonomy.

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