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Disable advanced fields (files, radio..)

  • Hello there,

    I need to disable ACF advanced fields like : File upload, radio… I’m able to do it for simple fields (input, date…) but no idea to do it for advanced field?

    You guys have an idea ? What I want its to restrict user to change the value of those fields.

    All my fields are displayed on Back-office. I’m using filter : prepare_field and do my own condition to disabled and readonly fields.

    $field['readonly'] = 1;
        $field['disabled'] = 1;

    thanks you

  • A radio field can be disabled/readonly by setting it to an array of the values to be disabled

    $field['disabled'] = array(
      'value 1',
      'value 2',
      'value 3'

    As far as I know a file field cannot be disabled or set to readonly in this way. You would probably need to add JavaScript and remove the controls that allow removing and/or adding a file.

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