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Directly get value in group sub-field

  • Hello there,

    Is there a way to directly get the value of a group sub-field.

    For example, I have a Group field my_options (field_abcde), and inside that field I have an title field (field_12345).

    I tried using get_field(field_12345, 'option') in order to get the title value directly, but that’s not working. It seems that the values are only saved in the “root” field.

    I know there are simpler workarounds, but my real use case is more complicated. But if you are curious about my real use case:


    I want to build a custom ACF Field that will let admin’s have a “select” field that’s populated with all the repeater type fields in the options field group. For example, an Admin creates a list of approved images using a repeater field in the “Site Options” page, then using this custom ACF Field it adds an image field to a block field group, so that Editors can add a block in the admin and choose from the approved list of images.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Guzart!

    You can get your sub field like this:

    First of all, get your group of fields
    $group_values = get_field('group_name'); // use get_field('group_name', 'options') if your field is in a global page options
    (‘option’) work too

    Now you have your fields, display your title with $group_values['title']


    $value = get_field('{GROUP FIELD NAME}_{SUB FIELD NAME}');
  • Thank you both for your help. Using the field names concatenated with an _ worked great.

    Unfortunately, I am going to stick with the more inefficient method of fetching the group value and traversing into the individual value using loops, since I feel more comfortable storing ‘field keys’ since they are less likely to change than ‘field names’.

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