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Difficulty displaying the taxonomy name in acf

  • Hey everyone, I’m having a hard time displaying the name of the tags using term-> name. Just show the example id: 3985. What am I doing wrong. I wanted something like: John to appear instead of id 3985. Here is the example I’m trying to unsuccessfully. :

    if ( have_rows( 'criticareview' ) ):
        while ( have_rows( 'criticareview' ) ): the_row();
          $content .= sprintf( <meta itemprop="name" content="%s" />
                <meta itemprop="sameAs" content="%s" />, 
    $terms = get_sub_field('directorcollections', $taxonomy, $term->name),

    The get_term_link part is working correctly. My problem is in the part of displaying the term-> name that only appears the ID. Someone could show the way to this solution. I have tried many things without success.
    Thanks for the help =).

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