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Difficulties displaying ACF fields from another post

  • Hi,
    We are looking to find the simplest path to displaying Custom Field content from an origin page “A” into a destination page “B”.

    The documentation referenced below, indicating the use of shortcodes seemed like the perfect answer: [ acf field="field name" post_id="123" ] found in … it works beautifully and without requiring any PHP coding skills!

    .. until we realised the limitation: Only works for simple text based values – NOT Shortcodes. ie. the ‘acf field’ Shortcode instead of picking up “A” based content, will pick up the ACF content from “B” destination page :-/.

    Is there any way the back end can be set up easily to have ACF fields display remote field full ‘shortcoded’ content. Would this not be the holy grail for the users who cannot easily go through a steep coding learning curve in PHP?

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