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Different style same line PHP

  • Hi!

    I’m trying to costumize a wordpress site and I’ve got a doubt:

    I’m trying to add differents styles on my PHP but to the same line of code. I’ll give and example to clarify:

    This is the PHP

    <div class="bloque-contenido"><h3>Detalles del pecio </h3>
    	 _e('Apelativo: ','csc-themewp: '); the_field('apelativo');
    	 echo '<br/>';

    This is the CSS

    div.bloque-contenido {
    	background-color:rgba(245, 244, 242, 0.3);
    	width: 30em;
    	margin: 0 auto;
    	border: 1px solid rgba(245, 244, 242, 0.3);
    div.bloque-contenido h3 {
       font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif;
       text-transform: uppercase;
       text-align: center;
       border-bottom: 1px solid #fa5742;
       font-size: 1em;
       margin-top: -0.1em;
    div.bloque-contendio ul {
       margin-left: 50px;

    And this is the result:

    Profundidad: 50
    Año hundimiento: 1949
    Eslora: 64
    Manga: 6
    Puntal: 5
    Causas naufragio: Cañoneado en maniobras militares

    What I want to do is to split the query from the field name. So I would like to add a float right tag to field and a float left tag to query (any other option is welcome!!)

    Please can anyone help me?
    Thanks a lot!!

  • You are going to have to wrap the different elements in something that you can style separately, for example;

    echo '<span class="label">';
    _e('Apelativo: ','csc-themewp: ');
    echo '</span><span class="value">';
    echo '</span>';

    Other than that your code does not make complete sense because you are using an unordered list but you have no loop or li elements.

  • Thanks a lot!

    I know that in the exemple there isn’t any li elements but in the original code there are. I just copied a part of the original code.

    Thanks, it solves my question!

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