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  • Hi,

    I am encountering an issue while configuring my WordPress site using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Elementor. My goal is to properly link the custom field “training dates” to the custom field “trainings.” I am using ACF to manage custom fields and Elementor to design my training pages.

    The main problem I am facing is as follows:
    The “training dates” field group contains a different (ID) for each date, a unique reference that corresponds to the “trainings” custom field, and the start and end dates. I want to display all the training dates on my training pages, indicating the start and end date for each training.

    Despite my efforts, I am unable to ensure that the dates correctly match the corresponding trainings.

  • Where are the these “trainings” stored? Are they posts? something else?

    What type of fields are you using to hold these dates? is it just a date field? in a repeater or some other type of sub field?

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