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Difference btw Group and Flexible field?

  • The new 5.6.0 version introduces the Group field type.
    In what this field is different from the old Flexible Content field type?

  • I have the same question, and can’t find an answer anywhere here or on Google (searching leads to this post).

    I know that Group is the newer field type. Is there a performance gain in using Group?

    Say I help Jerry Seinfeld with a website, and I’ve created a field group entitled “Comedians in Cars – Shows”. In addition to the fields Guest, Place, and Date, I have a field Car and want sub-fields of Make, Model, Year, Photo, and Description.

    • Guest
    • Place
    • Date
    • Car
      • Make
      • Model
      • Year
      • Photo
      • Description

    Is there a benefit to using Group rather than Flexible Content for the Car field?

    I’m obviously missing something. Thanks!

  • A Group field is almost identical to a repeater field. A group field is a repeater that always has exactly one row.

    if (have_rows('group_field')) { will always return true.

    The other difference is that get_field('repeater') will return

      0 => array(
        'sub_field_1_name' => 'sub_field_1_value'
        'sub_field_2_name' => 'sub_field_2_value'
      1 => array(
        'sub_field_1_name' => 'sub_field_1_value'
        'sub_field_2_name' => 'sub_field_2_value'

    and get_field('group_field') will return

      'sub_field_1_name' => 'sub_field_1_value'
      'sub_field_2_name' => 'sub_field_2_value'
  • Gotcha.

    Thanks much, John!

  • Then again, for anyone that’s interested…

    A flexible content field is simply a repeater that can have different fields on each row.

    And a clone field is a repeater that works in almost the same way as a group field, but with a few more headaches 🙂

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