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Difference between Repeater & Flexible Content field

  • Hi,
    What’s the difference between “Repeater field” & “Flexible Content field”. I read both and I am confused. Can anyone let me know the difference.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi @webmasterID

    Basically, both fields allow for ‘repeatable’ sets of data, however, the 2 interfaces are used for 2 different things:

    This is used for a simple table like interface whenre you define the columns and repeater the rows. A good use for this field is an image gallery

    Flexible Content
    This is used for more complex content / widget styled data. This field allows you to create multiple[le layouts and each layout contains different sub fields.

    This allows the user to populate an area on the site with full control over the layouts and data. Very useful for flexible content solutions and even sidebar widgets!

  • Hi Elliot,
    Thanks for the reply. While I am studying flexible content, at the very bottom of the page there are a list of field types, are those fields for Flexible content or generic field types.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi @webmasterID

    I’m not sure what you mean by this.


  • Sorry, it’s my bad, those are generic field types. I misinterpret them as field types for Flexible content.

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