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Developer license question…

  • Does the developer license cover as many site domains as you want and for as many projects as you want? Sorry, just needed clarification on unlimited.


  • Hi @onemore2014

    Yes, you can use ACF developer license in as many sites and as many projects as you wish.

  • Unless the software application is open source, ultimately the rights regarding the software are always reserved by the software developer.

  • To customize settings we need to built it in licesencewd software or we can create it in free softwares

  • is the license valid forever or does it have to renew every year?

  • If you bought your license before the price changes, then it is truly a one time payment. If you bought your license after the price changes, then you will have to renew annually.

    A sure way to find out (without bothering the developers), is to login to your account, and head on to the Subscriptions tab. If there are no subscriptions, your license is for a one time fee, and you will receive updates forever.

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