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Descriptive Field Group Names

  • It would be nice if there were a ‘Description’ field for field groups. Since the title of the field group is used for the title of the metabox, I like to make it something that makes sense in the UI of the edit screen. But that title isn’t necessarily descriptive in the list of field groups.

    For example:

    I have a custom post type for issues of a magazine. One ACF field group includes the fields for that custom post type’s edit screen. The title of that field group is ‘Custom Post: Issue’. That title doesn’t appear on the custom post type edit screen because I’m using a seamless metabox:

    A second ACF field group contains just a single field: a Post Object for associating a Post with an Issue. The title of that field group is ‘Issue’, since that’s what I want it to say on the edit post screen:

    This leaves me with this field groups list, which is confusing unless I already know where they go:

    If there were a ‘description’ field that would only appear in the field groups list and on the field group edit screen, it would help differentiate between field groups with ambiguous names (names that aren’t descriptive of their function but work in the UIs where they are included).

    Alternately, or maybe in addition, it would be nice to see under the field group title which location rules it has. Something like:

    TITLE                     FIELDS
    Custom Post: Issue        4
    (shown when post type is 'Issue')
    Issue                     1
    (shown when post type is 'Post')


  • I would agree, this would be a great addition. I’m constantly needing to go into field groups to see what’s in them and what their locations are. Having a description field and showing they’re locations listed would save a lot of time.

  • I also agree. Another great option would be a metabox title when you set the metabox-style to “Standard (WP Style).

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