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Deleting free ACF version after upgrading to PRO?

  • Hello,
    first I started with the free version of ACF, installed then ACF Pro on the same webpage – but now I have those 2 plugins in my wordpress panel.

    I can delete the free version now via FTP, correct?

  • my process was

    **** backup database first, do not attempt to do it without doing so, and i take no responsibility if there is a problem and you didn’t backup.

    1. upload ACF PRO
    2. de-activate old acf plugin
    3. activate ACF PRO
    4. a box at the top appears saying to update database (it will change certain things in the database fields etc to clean up the old acf fields to match the new ACF PRO structure)
    5. check your site over to see everything is running.
    6. delete from FTP the old ACF plugin as it is no longer referenced.

  • Hi @elbsurfer

    Yes, you can simply delete the free ACF plugin via your plugins list page. Deleting the plugin will never touch any data in the DB, so you can rest assured no issues will occur.

    Please make sure the free version is deactivated first, and make sure the website can run correctly on just ACF PRO. It should, but I can’t confirm this on every customized website/

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