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Deleted a required field, cant save front end

  • I deleted a field which had been set as required.

    A new field was made with the same value/id which was not set as required. However, the backend seems to have got a bit confused and won’t let the user save the page as it thinks it is actually required?

    I’m reluctant to change the ID as there has been a lot of data which has been entered already, is there anyway I can sort it without loosing all the existing content?


  • I’m not sure why this would be happening, or actually, how you might have done this. Did you delete the original field? The only reason that I can think this is happening is that you have two fields defined with the same field name/key.

  • As far as I remember – I deleted the original field which had a required status (and probably with some pages still having entries for it) and then, a couple of days later, I recreated the field without the required status?

  • field content existing for a field would not cause this. The fact of a field being required or not is stored in the field definition and not in the field data for a post.

    The only thing that I can possible think of that might affect this is local acf-json files in ACF5. If you have created a folder in your theme for local json then try deleting the json file for the effected field group.

    If that’s not it then try standard debugging steps, deactivating all other plugins and switching one of the default WP 20XX themes.

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