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delete_row not deleting the last row left

  • I have a function that delete_row conditionally (not delete all of them in a loop). if I have a repeater with 3 rows index 1 2 3, and I delete first row 2, next day row 1, and other day row 3, and you check the data, row 3 is still there. happens with every possible scenario. there is still one row left.

    code if also very simple:
    delete_row(‘car_status’, $row_to_update, ‘user_’ . $user_id);

    it doesnt matter how many rows there are, or when you delete them, there will be still a row left in the end. Also updated to latest ACF Pro still same issue.

  • Not enough information here.

    Give more information about how your are deleting and code.

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