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"Delete" X button no longer works in version 1.1

  • The “Delete” X button no longer works in version 1.1. I had to revert to Version 1.0 because that’s a pretty serious problem. Please let me know if there is a patch.

  • Hi @ewestlund

    Thanks for the bug report. I can confirm hat he ‘remove’ button for the flexible content layout is indeed working as expected in version 1.1.0

    Perhaps a hard re-fresh was needed to clear the cached JS?


  • I figured out the problem.

    I have a flexible content field in a repeater field. I use the repeater to group different content types together, which I will need to continue to do. When I create a FC without the repeater, it works fine (I like the new UI there with the + and -, good job). However, in the repeater, neither the + nor the – sign show up. I can inspect the element in Chrome and find the elements that are supposed to show on hover, but they nevertheless do not show, nor will they work when I click on where they are “hiding.” So I’m reverting back now because I don’t have the issue in FC 1.0.

    Perhaps it’s just a conflict between element names? IDK. Thanks.

  • Hi @ewestlund

    Thanks for the extra info.

    I’ll do some testing


  • Hi @ewestlund

    Thanks again for the bug report.
    I have fixed the CSS issue and have update the repeater field add-on.
    You can re-download the repeater field add-on via your ACF store account.

    Hopefully, I won’t need to release a full version just yet, but if many other users see this bug, I will release a full version to force the update.


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