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Delete group field and still appear in front end

  • Hello,

    I imported 2 files realty-acf-property-fields.json and realty-acf-additional-details.json provide with the theme it created two groups field, Property Fields and Additional Details. Next I decided to do my own group field and remove the two that I had imported. So i deleted the group field Property-fields and additional-detail. I created my new one and they still appears in the front-end !!

    I know some issue like, if you don’t delete all the post before or it can be in the cache / database.
    So I cleared all my post before deleting the group field but it’s still appears in the front-end.

    Another strange thing is that every modifications I make on the Property-fields and additional-detail doesn’t work.

    My theme : Realty
    Plugin Version: Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.5.14

    Sorry for my english I’m a foreigner.


  • I am having the exact same problem on genisis theme. I have deleted the fields and cleared cache and it it still appearing on the front end. Thank you for posting Baptise. Can anyone help?

  • The theme is built to use the fields it came with. The templates of the theme are still coded to use those fields. More than likely when no value is found for the fields it could be outputting some default value. You probably need to re-code the templates to complete the change.

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