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Delete all repeater rows?

  • Hey Guys,

    I want to add new repeater rows. But before I do that, I want to delete all repeater rows but I didn’t found a function for that…

    I tried to use update_field(...) on the repeater with an empty array and then add_row(...) and also update_field(array(...)) . Doesn’t work…

    Because I do not insert the same amount of rows again, I cannot just use the update function for the subfields. I need to delete all repeater rows and then add all …

    How can I do that and which one is the easiest and cleanest way?

    Greetings and Thank You!

  • Hi @frazecolder ,

    You can achieve the same by updating the field using update_field as below.

    if (have_rows(‘repeater_field’, $post_id)) {
    $new_repeater = array();
    while (have_rows(‘repeater_field’, $post_id)) {
    // perform check
    // will depend on what you’re checking for
    if (get_sub_field(‘the_sub_field_to_check’) == $some_value) {
    // the value is one you want to save
    $new_repeater[] = array(
    ‘sub_field_1_name’ => get_sub_field(‘sub_field_1_name’),
    ‘sub_field_2_name’ => get_sub_field(‘sub_field_2_name’),
    ‘sub_field_3_name’ => get_sub_field(‘sub_field_3_name’),
    } // end if check field
    } // end while have rows
    update_field(‘repeater_field’, $new_repeater, $post_id);
    } // end if have rows

  • In my case, I just wanted to complete empty my repeater field so I tried “delete_field($field_key, $post_id);” because I am constructing an array and i am using add_row to put the array into the field. My setup got a little complicated with repeater inside of repeater inside of repeater. Seemed the best approach was construct an array and use add_row.

    The delete_field seemed to do the trick, but is that a good way to completely remove all values from a repeater? That is exactly what I wanted it to do. Tested locally and appears to work.

    All other methods like delete_row() didn’t seem to work, it was always left with something in the repeater. I tried looping through and deleting rows, still same issue, it always left something behind.

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