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delete a custom field from a page does not work

  • hello

    I’m using the plugin ACF Custom Field with WPL in a web and emerged a problem I do not know how to fix.

    On one of the pages, specifically in the home of English language had several fields that wanted to eliminate customs fields. As with the button which I guess is to remove a custom field in a page, not eliminate or not updated content

    In a post recommending removing fields wp-postmeta table and this has allowed me to fix the menu links and content are not generated but is reserving the space where the contents of the deleted fields out.
    Administration but continue out of the page fields with empty content.

    The fields shown and displayed on the page, would remove but not when you press the button (-) I interpret it to delete the field, visually removed but when you update the page data still appears. Same if any content thereof is published.

    I would appreciate a solution or guidance to solve the problem.

    Thank You

  • Hi @mllanos

    Thanks for the post.

    Does the same issue replicate when one of the stock WP themes is active? Is it also possible to investigate if this issue conflict related by deactivating all other installed plugins?

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