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Define ACF Block in CPT template

  • Is it not possible to use an ACF block in a predefined template for an CPT?
    Just use the ACF example block as decribed here:

    add_action('acf/init', 'my_acf_blocks_init');
    function my_acf_blocks_init() {
        // Check function exists.
        if( function_exists('acf_register_block_type') ) {
            // Register a testimonial block.
                'name'              => 'testimonial',
                'title'             => __('Testimonial'),
                'description'       => __('A custom testimonial block.'),
                'render_template'   => 'template-parts/blocks/testimonial/testimonial.php',
                'category'          => 'formatting',

    and then try to use that registered block in a template. E.g. as described in the following example:

    // Predefine Gutenberg Template & lock them
    // @see
       'template_lock' => 'all',
          'template' => array(
            array( 'acf/testimonial', array(
            ) ),

    Doing so, Gutenberg is not loading anymore and outputs the JS error TypeError: can't access property "attributes", blockType is undefined.
    My guess is that the loading is not in the correct order. So how would I get this working?

    Thanks and kind regards

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