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Default value not showing select box

  • Not sure when this crept in but current Version the default value is not showing for a select box in the admin.

  • I just tried a select field and it seems to be working for me.

    Do you have another field on the same page with the same name? There could also be a filter that’s causing a problem with the field’s default value, try disabling plugins and switching to one of the default WP themes to narrow down the cause.

  • my staging/testing version has no issue and is using Version 5.3.0 ! I’ll roll back to this version on my dev site and see what happens.

  • If that will work, but I’m guessing that sooner or later you’re going to want to update the plugin and there does not appear to be a problem with it when running nothing but ACF on a default theme. If we can narrow down the cause and it’s a bug in ACF that happens when combined with something else then we can alert the developer.

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