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Default Value for Images

  • I’ve seen one other request for a Default Value for Image types but it was because they needed it for a new type they were adding.

    I’m requesting this feature in general. I don’t see why an Image is any different than other field types in that there can be a default when a new Post is created. Perhaps a default would not be possible when choosing to use an Image Object. But for Image ID and Image URL, there should be a default option so that I can enter the ID or URL of a previous uploaded image.

    For instance, if I make an ACF for a banner image, it would be nice to be able to upload a banner image meant for a default banner, and then use its attachment ID as the default for my field. This makes it so then when a user creates a new post, the default banner is already visible to them and gives them a better idea about if they want to change it or not. It also gives them the option to remove it and have no banner image.

    If I were to just use the template code to show a default image when no image is selected, it eliminates the option of not showing an image.


  • Hi @jboyjw,

    Thanks for the feature request.

    The issue has been submitted to Elliot and hopefully this will be added to the plugin’s development roadmap.

  • Thanks James. I’ve had a few instances now where this would have been really helpful. Hopefully it gets added to the roadmap.


  • I came across this while I was looking for something else. Adding a default image setting for all image fields is actually simple to do and a while back I created a filter to do it

  • 2 years later – still helping people out 🙂 Thanks John for the link, works perfectly.

  • This snippet is important if you want to utilize the default image value in the front end.

    add_filter('acf/load_value/type=image', 'reset_default_image', 10, 3);
    function reset_default_image($value, $post_id, $field) {
      if (!$value) {
        $value = $field['default_value'];
      return $value;
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