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Default post content is replaced with visual editor field

  • I have a problem with visual editor field. When I edit a page or post and use visual editor field (with repeater, to show more than 30 custom information boxes) the post content is duplicated with text from visual editor field – when I edit field in full screen mode, paste a text (CTR+V), and get back to normal view, the post content shows the content from visual editor custom field. My editor is TinyMCE. I use qtranslate. How can I fix that?

  • Hi @pawelpoz

    I think the conflict here is due to qTranslate.

    If you disable that plugin, do the WYSIWYG field’s behave correctly?

  • Yest, the problem is qtranslate, but… i fixed that (almost).

    This is the solution:

    Go into wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/qtranslate_javascript.php
    Go to line 288 (or line between 280-320 when you use other version qtranslate).

    Search and Delete:


    if (ed.editorId.match(/^qtrans_/)) {

    It almost fixed problem, but sometimes default post content is replaced with visual editor field, sometimes not. I edit visual editor field 20 times, and 2-3 times post content was replaced with content from visual editor field. It’s strange. Have any idea?

  • Hi @pawelpoz

    I wish I knew, but I am unable to advise you on the cause of the issue.

    i wish you good luck in your debugging and hope you can find out why qTranslate is causing this random issue.

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