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default link behavior in Wysiwyg editor field

  • In a Wysiwyg Editor field, how can the default setting when inserting links (open link in a new tab) be changed to enabled?

  • I’m not sure if it can….

    In terms of User Experience I wouldn’t do it. You force the user to a certain behaviour. I hate it when target is _blank is used. The user needs to decide whether to open in a new tab or not.

  • I understand the UX reasoning, but we have the wysiwyg field where primarily if not always links being added would and should be external. To be clear, i am just looking to make the insert link option for open in a new tab be selected by default. We can still unselect it when appropriate.

  • I understand why you want to….

    The only way I can see how to to it, is load some jQuery on page load and set the prop to checked.

    Something like is described in this post.

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