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Default in values from taxonomy term

  • Thanks for this awesome resource. Here’s my situation. I have a repeater field on my Post post type with three sub-fields:

    Event Type – taxonomy (select)
    Event Name – taxonomy (select)
    Event Website – URL

    One Event Name can be multiple event types, but can only have one website. So the rows might look like:

    Concert | Ballet Recital |
    Fundraiser | Ballet Recital |

    What I would like to have happen is that when Ballet Recital is selected from the dropdown in the Event Name sub-field and entered into the Event Website field, that saves into a custom field on the term name Ballet Recital. Additionally, if on another post the term Ballet Recital is selected again, should default in as the Event Website (since it’s laready known/saved from the previous post).

    Is this possible? Thank you!

  • I have a very similar issue too. Hoping this is possible!

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