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Default Content Editor Not Hiding

  • I’m running WordPress 4.0 and ACF 4.3.9 I’ve been developing this site for quite sometime and I just noticed that the content editor is showing up on CPT that I have set up and then hidden the default content editor using ACF. Honestly I can’t remember when I updated my versions so I’m not 100% sure when this happened. Is this a bug or something else I’m doing?

  • If I understand the question correctly, if you’re using multiple custom field groups on the same page/post type it seems that the Hide Content Editor box needs to be checked for each of them.

  • As I came across this when looking I thought I’d update it with correct information for others who come across it as well.

    But from ACF;
    If multiple field groups appear on an edit screen, the first field group’s options will be used (the one with the lowest order number)


  • This doesn’t seem to be working properly for me still.

    I have a specific field group created to be used with the rules for it to only show for a specific page template, checkbox to hide the main wp content editor is checked on this field group. It’s order is set to 1.

    I have another more common global field group that’s to be used on all posts types of type “page”. It’s checkbox to hide the main wp content editor is NOT checked. It’s order set to 99.

    When creating a new page with the page template set to match what should hide the content editor, the content editor still shows.

    EDIT: Ignore this, it was my own user error. There was another more common field group created in the admin that’s order was set to 0 that’s hidden fields was being used instead.

  • eclipsecreative answer was correct for me. If you are still having trouble you could set your field group order to -1 to ensure that you are not clashing with other groups which are defaulted to 0 priority.

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