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Declared custom fields does not register in page

  • Dear support,

    I will be using ACF for the first time. I have installed the latest version up to date (21st of april 2014) and I have got the latest WP – V.3.9.

    1) Now, adding a repeater and creating sub-field within, I affect my repeater to the Homepage – Show this field group if => page => is equal to => HOME..

    2) I can see the added custom repeater (and fields) @ ‘page-home.php’. Here’s where trouble will commence:

    3) @HOME – I fill in the fields, image, texte etc.. but when I save, none is saved. I checked the DB to see changes, but found no fields registered by the name of ‘ACF, custom-type’… What would be a plauisble cause for the mishap?

    Please do tell me if you need any information, configuration etc. ( I’m on localhost, MAMP.)

    Thank you for your help

  • Similar issue. WP 3.9, ACF 4.3.7. Not limited to repeater fields. Wherever I create a custom field with a rule where “Page is equal to Home” (or similar), the field shows up when editing that page, but upon saving, the content disappears. (Also confirmed it’s not saving to db.)

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