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Deciding post type for products

  • I’m having some difficulty making a decision I was hoping someone might shed some light on. In normal circumstances I would have used posts for everything and separate content by the category I gave it.

    Since then I have moved over to ACF and loving it but still get to grips with the power of it.

    I have about 400 products I need to import and have two questions.

    1. What type of post should this be. A page or a post? I am assuming a POST?
    2. Some of the products have tables of content within them, is the repeater the right tool for the job in this instance?

    Many thanks for the help.

  • PLEASE UNSOLVE. I didn’t choose a solve option.

    I think I may have answered the first question myself as I can see I can choose to add an ADD statement and choose to show ACF’s only if the post category is Product.

  • Don’t know how to unsolve the above, but number 2 on my list is still something I am concerned about?

  • Hi @sixfootjames

    All good.

    1. You should use a custom post type (CPT) called ‘product’.
    2. Yes, the repeater is a great tool for creating table like data.

    You can checkout the repeater video on the add-ons page to see it in action.


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