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Deactivating/Removing ACF causes site to fall over

  • Advanced custom fields is conflicting with WordPress SEO by Yoast. Trying to deactivate ACF as my client doesn’t use it, and it’s causing major errors. Infact the entire website falls over.

    I’ve looked at the code and it appears that a lot of get_field attributes are hand coded into the theme.

    What gives?

    How do I get rid of this ACF stuff?

    Please advise.

  • Sorry, URL is

  • Hi @john

    The get_field function is part of the ACF plugin. Without ACF activated, this function does not exist and any use of it would cause a PHP error.

    This is becuase you cannot use a function that does not exist.

    If your theme relies on the ACF plugin and get_field function, you will not be able to deactivate ACF without first removing all ACF code from the the theme.

    Please contact the theme developers for help with this.


  • Understood.

    Thanks Elliot.

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