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Datepicker Plugin Conflict

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve been happily using ACF for a few years now but I’ve recently run into an issue with another plugin. In this case, it’s the Advanced Advertising System Pro ( plugin. Having both ACF Pro and AAS Pro installed changes the appearance of the datepicker on the AAS post type edit screen (attached) and does not enter the data in the correct input box (i.e. choosing a date from the date picker only populates the first field. You have to manually type in the end time).

    I thought it would be a case of simply dequeuing a script but that isn’t looking to be the case. I contacted the AAS Pro plugin developer to little success, and so now I come to you good people! What sort of success have people had cleanly dealing with plugin conflicts in the backend?

  • I’ve looked quickly at the free version of the plugin you mentioned and it shows the same problem. I can’t figure out where the conflict is. You’re best chance at getting this fixed is to submit a new support ticket here

  • Thanks for looking into it! Makes me feel a little better that I’m (maybe) not overlooking something super obvious. I’ll submit a ticket.

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