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datepicker form on woocommerce

  • hello! i’m new to the forum & acf.

    i am trying to make a booking calendar for my woocommerce rental site. fyi, i am using oceanwp theme with elementor page builder. what i am trying to achieve is:

    1. make a form with 2 datepickers where the user can input the start & end dates of renting

    2. calculate the price based on how many days an item is rented.
    note: there is a base price for the first 4 days of renting. if user rents an item for more than 4 days, extension fee will be added for every day after the fourth (daily rate) plus the base price.

    3. prevent double bookings. there must be a unique availability calendar for every product.

    can anyone suggest how i should approach this project? have anyone ever done something like this before?
    thanks in advance!

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