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Datepicker exists, where is the time?

  • Hi Elliot and everyone.

    I got the Pro-version, and I love it.
    But I most often seems to be a little annoyed that the Datepicker that exists not is having support for setting time.

    There is a ‘plugin’ by a Per, and even though it seems well made – it has bugs and quirks – and is not getting maintained.

    Is this feature planned into the development of the ACF? To add time to the Datepicker?

    I would really need this, and that in every project nearly.

  • Hi @hejamartin

    This is actually a topic we’re discussing on the Github repo and there are plans to include either time selection in the existing date picker field or as a separate field.

    So you should expect it to show up in a not too distance future update 🙂

  • Great to hear, this will be a really useful addition. When using the date picker to organise posts such as listing events by a start date, having the option to choose a time will mean we can use that date + time in our query to even organise events happening on the same day correct?

    i.e. if three events are happening on the same day, I could order them by the date + time so they’re in the right chronological order right? When you guys implement that, it would be amazing if you could update this guide on your site to show how to do that:

    Thanks for creating and maintaining this plugin Elliot, Jonathan and the team, you really are all a life saver.

  • Hi,

    Yes that is correct. You could do a wp_query that drills down to seconds if you want to.

    It would essentially be the same as ordering by any meta_value

  • Would be usefull if it optionally stores timestamp in db, so we format it easilly via date() function…

  • Hi @romanzmykulova

    As the datepicker that’s currently available stores the date in Ymd format (which is the best for any sort of date manipulation I think) I’m guessing a datetime picker would store the value as a datetime string (19700101T00:00:00).

    It can be very easily formatted with the date function as well as other functions so it should be fine!

  • Hi,

    I was about to open a feature request, but found this topic instead. Having the option to add a time to the date would be extremely useful.
    Any news on adding this to the date picker?


  • Hello!
    Any news here? Is time now in the datepicker for Pro version?

  • I hope this actually happens soon! However, if it does, I would caution the developers to try an make it backwards compatible with the current plugin’s (date and time picker) data and values that it saves so that if we want to switch to the ACF core version we can easily do so without losing values from the old field.

  • Hi guys,

    There’s no new information on this as of right now. That does not have to mean that Elliot isn’t working on it but I have no new information.

    you raise a good point. I had this issue with the google maps field way back before it was in core. The hardest part here is that for anyone creating a custom field for datetimes right now would have to guess which format elliot will save it in when it does make it into core.

    I do believe tho that this Y-m-d H:i:s is the standard format for PHP/MYSQL and should be used.

  • Version 5.3.9 has added a Time Picker and a Date/Time picker

  • Excellent news! Can it be confirmed that the data is saved similarly to the previously existing plugin as mentioned above? In other words, if I switched my existing fields to the new ACF fields, will I lose anything?

    I’ll do some testing on my end of course, just wondering if that was already thought about.


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