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Date Time Picker Output

  • Hey All,

    I’m trying to match sort my events CPT by event date and time. I know that the date/time picker output format must match the format I pull for current date from the server.

    Currently, the event time output looks like this:

    3431pmMon, 28 Jan 2019 18:54:34 +000031_28pm19_pm128_315401UTC

    I don’t know what format this is. The date and time seem to be repeating in several different formats.

    This is the code I’m using to pull the current server day & time:
    $time = current_time('Y-m-d H:i:s');

    How do I update the server time format to make the two outputs match?

    I’m using ACF Pro 5.7.10 and WordPress Version 4.9.9.

    Thank you.

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