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Date Time Picker not saving

  • Hi there,

    I can’t get the Date Time Picker working:

    It is displayed, I can select date and time.
    But as soon as I click „Update“, the value is gone and is not displayed any more in the custom field.

    I tried in 9 different WP installations – local and with 3 different hosting providers
    – both with the free ACF 4.3.9 and ACF 5 PRO 5.1.2 together with Date Time Picker

    Anyone knows a fix?


  • I have the same issue. I need to display date in format: “M yy”, so I set Save format as “M yy” and Display format “dd/mm/yy” (default), but after update value isn’t displayed in input field. I can get this value in front-end and it is in right format, so everything works okay, except displaying saved value in backend.
    I can see entered value after update only if Save format is “yymmdd”.

  • I was having the exact same issue. I got it to work for me by changing:
    Save as timestamp to No
    Get field as timestamp to Yes
    I assume this may have something to do with strtotime but I am not a developer. The format I use is DD MM/d/yy for date and h:mm tt for time. Anyways, this worked for me so maybe it will work for you.

  • Same issue. Is where an alternative to add a time field?

  • Time Picker and Date/Time picker have been added in Version 5.3.9, see for more information

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