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Date & Time Picker displaying incorrectly on frontend

  • Anyone know why the Date & Time picker is displaying as “2020-04-04 00:00:00” on the frontend no matter what formatting i select? Seems to not be working. I have my wordpress time settings setup correctly

  • Gonna need more information. Some code from where is is displayed would be helpful.

  • I am using the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin where i have created a “Date & Time picker” for my posts. I am using Essential Grid plugin to display my posts. So i created a meta field that pulls from my “date & time picker”. But it just displays like this on the front end “2020-04-04 00:00:00” no matter what I do.

  • That is the format that ACF stores date/time fields in the database. The formatting options for a date/time field set in ACF will only work if you use the ACF function to get and display the field data.

    You need to talk to the authors of the plugin you’re using to show the content of fields and see if they have any way to alter the display format of custom fields.

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