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Date Sort Coding for Divi Blog Post Module?

  • In the following page, I use a Divi Blog module to post cars listed for auction:

    Using ACF Pro, among other metadata fields (Year, Make, Model, etc.) I created a date field called “auction_end” that indicates the date and time each auction listing will end.

    I need help with the coding needed to use this field in the Divi Blog module so that posts (i.e. auction listings) are displayed in descending order based upon the auction end date/time.

    I’m a novice at WordPress programming so please try to dumb down any responses to something I can take and run with.


  • The first thing you need to figure out is how you can sort the posts in this module that you are using by a custom field. This is not something that I can help you with. This would be specific to that module and not ACF. Perhaps they supply some type of filter hook that let’s you alter the post query? I don’t know. You’d need to find out that information from DIVI.

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