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Date Picker Restrictions

  • Hi, my client has come up with a tricky request that I was hoping someone might have a solution for.

    We would normally just use something like Event Espresso for this but there are some other unique requirements that prevent us from going down an event plugin path.

    They would like a page created where members can create a post from the front end, these posts would be for events that are holding – no problem there, can be done with ACF and Gravity Forms.

    The tricky part is around the entering of the start and finish date of the event. This would just be a date picker for the start and a second one for the finish. However they have a rule that no two events can be within 10 days of each other.

    So the question is, is it possible to block out dates that can be selected within the ACF date picker that have been used for another post (event)?



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