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Date picker issues…

  • Hi all ….

    Am sure I am missing something really simple … but using a form on the front end.

    All works well on the admin side – but the date picker element will just not show on the front end (see Start Date and End Date) – what am I missing?

  • Did you include the call to acf_form_head() before get_header()?

    Does your theme include calls to both wp_head() and wp_footer()?

    These are generally the things that stop JS fields from working.

  • Evening ….

    Yep, acf_form_head() is before the get_header() and both wp_head() and footer are called in the theme.


  • Then the next step is the standard WP mantra “deactivate other plugins and switch theme” to see if you can narrow down what is incompatible. It probably has something to do with another plugin that also uses a jQuery date field.

  • Hi John ….

    I thought I had done this but I must have missed something …. as have now worked it out and managed to kill that plugin on the specific page.

    Many thanks for your assistance.


  • A date can be selected if its visible but if any other text goes over the picker it is not possible to select anything.

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