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Date field not populated in user profil

  • Hello,
    I’m using Formidable pro to set date field in user profil, Formidable pro store date field in database in this format : YYYY-MM-DD.
    I can’t populate the meta field created via ACF PRO.
    I need the display format to be : d/m/Y
    There is a hook function with allows to do something with the data entered in a form after it is updated
    How can i setup code concerning ACF pro in this hook function ?
    Thank you in advance

  • Hi @dweb

    I’m not sure about your problem. Could you please explain it again in more detail. Maybe you can provide some screenshots of the problem?

    If you need to manipulate the data after a post/page is updated, you can use acf/save_post hook.


  • Hello,
    Please see attached images
    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Hi @dweb,

    Could you please tell me how did you show that date on the account management page? You can always change the format of the returned date using DateTime::createFromFormat().


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  • Hi @dweb,

    It seems you are using Formidable for the registration form. ACF saves the data in this format: YYYYMMDD, so you need to save the extra data from the form to the database in that format. If Formidable saves the date in this format: YYYY-MM-DD, you need to change it to this format: YYYYMMDD. Please ask Formidable support if they have a hook to do it.

    I hope this makes sense.

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