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Date and Time Picker – Displaying Timestamp

  • We are utilizing the Date and Time Picker field in an Options Panel for one of our clients sites. We are also utilizing the same fields on Posts, but the issue appears to be relegated to the Options panel in conjunction with these fields.

    When we are selecting a time everything works great, however, as soon as we hit save the formatted times (ex: 12:00am) that we selected are converted over to timestamps (ex: 1384912800). The problem is that it is then displaying on the front-end of the website (which we put a fix in place for just in case). If we then go to save the Options panel after it’s converted into the timestamp, it erases any of the Date and Time Picker fields that were set.

    I am curious if anyone has experienced this issue and/or if there is a fix that you are aware of.

  • Hi @[email protected]

    Because the date and time picker is a 3rd part developed field, I can’t offer much support for it here.

    Does the field offer a save format? If so, what is the format you are saving in?
    Does your format also save the year, month and day?

    Also, can you attach a sceenshot to demonstrate the issue you are facing? It’s hard to imagine what the issue looks like.


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