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Database update critical?

  • Is a database update critical for ACF updates? I have a site running the most up to date ACF, ACF Repeater and ACF Options plugins. Everything works fine except for the Options page, every time I try to modify an existing Options page field when I click ‘Update’ the modification reverts back to the original. The only thing that seems to work is reverting back to ACF version 4.3.0. but when I do that the site breaks visually.

    I’m running WP 5.3 PHP 7.3.11, but unfortunately mySQL 5.5.30 and am currently waiting on my host to update, but in the meantime I am trying to debug in case the database update does not fix the issue.

    Oddly this issue only seems to affect the fields on the Options page, everything else seems to work flawlessly.

  • Are you talking about the DB update that ACF performs when switching from 4 to 5? If yes, then yes, the update is critical.

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