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Database rows & importing

  • Hopefully anybody reading can make sense of what I am asking:
    It’s been a while that I have been trying to import an external cms into WordPress and have been able to put some time and may be getting closer. The problem I had/have is csv importers won’t help completely because my fields/values could be paragraphs long (impossible to choose a separator, etc). I am however trying another way. Using a csv importer to import WP native content (title, the content) which are ‘csv-able’ and the rest via mysql. When I do create the pages in a mini test run the pages are created and the wp-admin ACF metaboxes are there and empty – as they should be as I haven’t added anything yet, but in wp_postmeta I don’t see the two rows for each field. They only appear after I add something to a metabox in wp-admin. Is this normal? Shouldn’t all the meta-value database rows be created when the WP pages are created? Like


  • Yes, it’s normal. I’ve the same problem with users import in csv. There is no native possibility with ACF (even pro). If you want that, you have to include it in csv plugin.

    PS : That said, you don’t necessarily need field id. I work without it and all functionality I want works fine. Try not to be too ACF dependant.

  • Thanks for the reply, I will see if I can include one ACF field in the csv import.
    Not sure what you exactly mean by not needing field id.

  • You can’t include ACF field in csv import, you have to add this functionality in plugin.

    You don’t need field id generated by ACF to use meta values. Just call WP_User_Query with a meta_query.

  • What has been said is true. If you do not rely on ACF on the front end then you don’t really need the keys to be there to display data. While I love ACF and use it for everything, I also want to make sure that the client’s theme will continue to work should ACF get disabled for some reason. For this reason I’ve learned how to get all of the data I need using standard WP functions.

    That being said, there is a plugin available that will import to ACF fields from a CSV, but it’s not free. it has an ACF add on,

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