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Database corruption after re-importing updated fieldgroup

  • Some oddness going on. I made a fieldgroup for Project1 with a complex repeater/layout system. I then exported this fieldgroup to a separate Project2 and improved on the complex beast further. I then exported/imported the upgraded fieldgroup back to hopefully upgrade Project1.

    It seemed to overwrite the original fieldgroup without a problem. However, with usage of the site, saving posts, etc, I noticed some ACF fields saved on the home page began to duplicate themselves. Then I noticed the acf fieldgroup fields themselves began to shift around and duplicate. The ACFfieldgroup itself eventually duplicated as well.

    I assume this is a problem caused by the upgraded/modified fieldgroup conflicting with the old fieldgroup (bearing the same name/id)

  • I received this reply from support@acf:

    It is against standard practise to import a field group bearing the same name to a site holding a similar field group without deleting the original. This will normally cause duplication issues or possibly break configured fields. The best practise is to make use of the local JSON feature that identifies changes to a field group and synchronize the changes. Please take a look at the following resource page for more info on this:

    I hope this info helps.


    I hope it’s fine to simply remove the errant fieldgroup, make a new home page (or recover it from backup) and try again. I hope the entire db isn’t corrupt as a result of this.


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