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Data not displaying after plugin upgrade

  • Hello

    I have an issue where some data isn’t displaying in our repeater fields since we upgraded to the latest version of the plugin.

    Here’s what we did:
    Our client has an older version of WordPress (3.3.2) and asked us to perform an upgrade to the latest version. When we started the upgrade process we noticed majority of the plugins needed updates as well, including Advanced Custom Fields which was version 3.1.8.

    We updated everything (WordPress 3.8.1 and ACF 4.3.4) and the site seemed fine, except data wasn’t displaying in the repeater fields on the front end or back end. We then realised we need to install the separate Repeater add-on, which we did. Now only some of the data shows on the front-end, but none of it shows on the back-end.

    We should state that the data that goes missing is from Date Picker field types within the repeater.

    Here is the website: (Click on the Departure Dates/Prices tab to see what I’m talking about) – This page has the dates showing fine. – But this page doesn’t show the dates when it should.

    I’ve attached an image of the missing data in the back end as well.

    I really hope I explained this well and it’s not too much text but we’re all very confused as to why this is happening, we think it might be something due to repeater field use to be part of the ACF plugin, or maybe something to do with the way Date Pickers work. We don’t know but hope someone can help us out here.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi @JackScorey

    Can you please check your wp_postmeta table for the values of this repeater field.
    First, filter the rows via the post_id to the post you are editing, then look at the meta_name column.

    You will notice many rows for the repeater field with an increasing index (0,1,2,3,etc) through the name. Can you confirm that the date picker value exists in the database?

    If not, can you please restore a backup (hopefully you backed up before updating) and check the table to confirm the data did exist BEFORE the upgrade.


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