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Customizing the Flexible Content Layout Controls

  • Hi all.

    Is there any way to add to the Flexible Content Layout Controls?


    Specifically, I want to add a button that, when clicked, allows the user to choose the responsive display of the given layout (Hide on Mobile, Hide on Desktop, etc.).

    That seems like a better place to put it than in a select field in each flexible content field, and presumably could be universal as well.


  • No, there isn’t any way to add setting to flex fields and adding a field to every layout is the only way to do what you want. I generally do this by creating a “layout settings” group that I clone into all flex layouts.

  • Got it – thanks for the quick response.

    How can I submit a feature request for something like this?

  • The issue issue is that that when editing there are no controls on a flex field other than “add new”. Adding an input here would be like adding an input to a text field or a radio field for the user to enter data into. This is not really possible for any type of field.

    But if you want to make a request you can contact the devs here

  • Hm – maybe I’m not being totally clear in my ask.

    When a flex field is added to a page, there are three control buttons:

    Add Layout
    Duplicate Layout
    Remove Layout

    I’d like to add another control button here. Does that make sense?

  • Those controls are just JS that does those things, they are not inputs that allow values to be changed. They do allow control of any display on the front end, for example to show it or not on mobile or desktop.

  • Yup, I get that. Thanks for talking through it!

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