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Customizing Site Identity thru ACF pro

  • In wp-admin/customize.php you have Site Identity section that includes: Logo, Site Title, Tagline and Icon fields.

    The site title and tagline I got working by creating the fields and adding this to functions.php

    update_option('custom_logo', get_field('veebilehe_logo', 'options'), true);
    update_option('blogname', get_field('veebilehe_pealkiri', 'options'), true);
    update_option('blogdescription', get_field('luhikirjeldus', 'options'), true);
    update_option('site_icon', get_field('veebisaidi_ikoon', 'options'), true);

    But I have no idea how to get the Logo and Icon. I created image types for them but no idea what the Return Format should be or if it’s even correct.

    Can anyone help?

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