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Customising Taxonomy Field (Checkbox)

  • I am looking for a way to customise the Taxonomy Field (when displayed as a Checkbox).

    That taxonomy field- let’s call it Collections- used to contain terms that were all applicable to the Current Content item (where the that taxonomy field appears), let’s call it Cars — and all those Cars were considered Modern (see below), but with no specific distinction in the database.

    Recently, after an update to the whole content structure, we have added also Old Cars – and now we are distinguish Modern/Old cars by another taxonomy field for those 2 options.

    So a Car can be set either as Modern or Old.

    Now for the Collections: All existing collections terms were for the Modern Cars.
    With the addition of the Old cars a few existing Collections might also be applicable for the them, but we will also create new Collections exclusively for them.

    So foreach collection term, there will be an extra field to set that term either for Modern, Old, or Both.

    Now, in the Cars Edit page, where the Fields:
    – Set the car as Modern or Old (dropdown select).
    – Taxonomy Checkbox field for setting each to 0,1 or more collections.

    I want to display only the collections that are applicable to Modern or Old cars, based on the selection of the first field.

    Ideally that would be an AJAX call to update the checkboxes.

    Or at least I would be also happy if there was a way to add classes to each checkbox instance of the collections field, based on its assignment (old/modern/ old-modern)…

    Is there any way to manipulate the Taxonomy field like this?

  • Each taxonomy option is documented in detail in the WordPress Codex. After adding this to your theme’s functions.

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